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Home Inspections

Our Home Inspection service is designed for home buyers who want a proffesional independant report on the operation and visual condition of all internal fittings & fixtures, Plumbing & Heating, Electrics, and any snagging repairs that may be required.

The following are examples of when you may ask us too to carry out an inspection.

  • Pre-Purchase of older properties
  • Snagging inspection for new builds (Less than 2 years old)
  • Pre-Insurance Claims
  • Buy to let property inspections
  • Cash Purchase inspections

Below are our three inspection options and a brief description of what would be included.

Bronze Inspection..........COMING SOON

  • Meet with the purchaser at the property being bought.
  • Visually Inspect the internal space of the property, looking for any current issues or any problems that could arise in the future.
  • Carry out a visual inspection for snagging issues.
  • Supply a verbal report of our findings (If a written report is required the Silver Inspection would be needed)

Silver Inspection..........COMING SOON

  • We would arrange with the current home owner or your agent a convenient time to visit the property.
  • Plumbing: We would inspect for any drainage problems, any visible leaks, the correct operation of all taps and showers, check storage tanks in the loft spaces for leaks or over filling.
  • Heating & Hot water: we would inspect for any leaks, the condition & operation of the hot water cylinder, radiators, heating controls, Zone valves & circulating pump.
  • Electrical: We would inspect all sockets & light switches (externally) for any visible damage, we would check all sockets for correct polarity by means of a socket tester, we would visually look at the consumer unit to check the type and visible condition.
  • Fitted appliances: check for working & visual condition.
  • Visually inspect all internal walls, doors, windows & fixtures for cracks, mis-alignment or incorrect operation.
  • Inspect the loft space for adequate Insulation and also checking for any unwanted furry or feathery lodgers.
  • Supply a fully written report including images of any issues we have found.

Gold Inspection..........COMING SOON

  • As per the Silver Inspection, Plus
  • Check for any visible signs of damp to the ceilings or walls. This would be checked with moisture and thermal imaging equipment to help us to advise on the possible problem.
  • Carry out a gas safety inspection of all Gas appliances by a Registered Gas Safe Engineer.
  • Carry out a full electrical test by a Qualified & Registered Electrician.
  • Supply a fully written report including images of any issues we have found.