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MR16 LED SMD - 320 Lumens - 20 x 5050 SMD Chips - 50 Watt Equivalent

MR16 LED SMD - 320 Lumens - 20 x 5050 SMD Chips - 50 Watt Equivalent

warm white - cool white image

  • Warm White
  • Cool White
  • Huge 120 Degree Beam Angle



Lumens 320 Beam Angle 120
Power Consumption 4 W CE and RoHS Certified Yes
Input Power 12V Size 50X45mm
Wattage 4.6 W Equivalent To 50 W
Average Life in Hrs 50000 Voltage 12V
Base MR16 Dimmable (Option) No
Bulb Type LED Colour Cool or Warm


These SMD MR16 bulbs feature 20 individual 5050 SMD LEDs (highest quality chip) with a clear glass cover which produce a light output equivalent to a 50 watt halogen bulb.

Our MR16 SMD bulbs give a huge 120 degree beam angle, SMD led bulbs are designed to give maximum light output 120 degree's is the highest beam angle of any SMD bulb on the market. So with its top quality 5050 SMD chip and 120 degree beam angle, We think these SMD Bulbs are the best on the market.

Many LED lights simply do not deliver. They say they will last 50,000 hours, but they fizz out after less than 10,000 hours. They say they are ‘super bright’ but they are dim compared to the halogens they replace.

All our bulbs are made from aluminum or have aluminum heat sinks; this keeps the bulbs at the correct temperature to ensure a longer life span.

These LED bulbs are a standard size and are a direct replacement for your existing Halogen MR16 bulbs. They may be more expensive to purchase than a standard bulb but with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and the potential to reduce your light power consumption by up to 90%, buying these bulbs make for a sound investment.

These bulbs consume 4 watts of power and are available in Cool White & Warm White


  • These 12v LED lights need to run off a Driver/Transformer. Your existing transformer may not be LED compatible. Please visit our transformer section for more details.

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